How a 22-year-old man is changing lives in Kibra

How a 22-year-old man is changing lives in Kibra

How a 22-year-old man is changing lives in Kibra

Abdullahi Pegeli a 22 year old young man was born and raised in Kibra, Makina. Most of the people around have nicknamed him Gee because of the great impact he is bringing to the community and his determination to reduce the rate of poverty and gender inequality.

Lets talk Kibra, a platform that he founded in November 2020 has been of great help to the community. Together with his team of 30 members they have created a safe space in which everyone is able to air their concerns on matters affecting them each day. Every Wednesday he meets up with his team where they make a contribution of at least 50ksh per person. With no sponsors for their activities, Pegeli and his team members use these funds to address different needs in their community.

Also a musician, Pegeli uses part of his income towards the organization. Among the many contributions he has made is providing sanitary towels to girls who do not have access to the essential commodity. He obtains the sanitary towels from one man called Mr.Pad. He also has a children’s home based in Lindi, Kibra has about 50 children.

Despite the challenges brought about by the covid-19 pandemic, Pegeli regularly feeds about 100 street children while providing for them clothes and other essential products.

He reveals: “My next project which is coming on April is all about art. I am targeting youths who are idle and hope to train them on how to get an income through drawing. The training will be open to all.”

His greatest inspiration is empowering young people. He hopes that in the next 5 years his platform will be known if not worldwide at least in Africa and change it from “Let’s Talk Kibra’ to ‘Let’s Talk Africa’.


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