Reprieve for chronic diseases patients as new project expands access to healthcare

 -Reprieve for chronic diseases patients as new project expands access to healthcare

Kenya’s Ministry of health and Medtronic LABS have partnered to expand access to healthcare for chronic diseases. This joint project is an expansion of the Empower Health program launched in 2017 by the Ministry of Health, the county governments of Makueni ,Kakamega and Nyeri, Medtronic labs and Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association.

This new project aims to reduce barriers to care for Non Communicable Diseases by using community- based care model that connects patients to their health information, clinical support and medication needs for the next three years.

According to Omar Ishkar, Chairman of the Board ,Intel Former Chairman and CEO of Medtronic Labs, the quality of services offered to patients remains an important pillar in the healthcare system. “To achieve this, it is important that we work with partners,” he added.

Over the next three years Medtronic’s plans to roll out the program in over 100% of the counties in Kenya and be fully integrated into the digital health ecosystem as it provides opportunities for screening, diagnosis  and case management to improve on clinical outcomes through partnerships.

Dr Kanyenje Gakombe, Chairperson Kenya Health Federation emphasized the need for partnerships with the private sector for better quality healthcare in the country. “Working in a country as ours where we have limited resources, we do not have any choice but work together with all partners onboard so that where the government cannot  stretch then the private sector will deliver and vice versa. We are glad to have  Medtronics LABS, Novo Nordisk, Novartis and and other partners present here,” said Dr Gakombe.

So far Medtronix has enabled the screening of 219,838 persons, trained 1,016 health workers and improved 10,453 lives through the program across the countries it operates in. “We are proud that the program has been so successful so far and we are looking forward to expand our impact for more Kenyans to access the health care services they need they need,’’Ruchika Singhal ,Medtronics LABS  President .

Reuben Magoko, Chairperson of Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association said there was need to fully engage the patients in order to accelerate the outcome expected in the expanded program. He said: “We cannot achieve what we are trying to do if we don’t engage the patients too. We want  every person living with diabetes to receive quality health care and enjoy life. We can engage them by establishing  patient support groups.”

Partners in the current program include Medtronic LABS, World Diabetes Foundation, Ministry of Health, PATH, the NCD Alliance of Kenya, Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association, Novo, Nordisk, Novartis and Viatris.


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