‘One Nation for Janet’ concert tickets now available

By Lilian Kaivilu

Tickets for the One Nation for Janet concert are available at Ticket Sasa for Sh1,000 for adults and Sh500 for children.

The concert to be held on Sunday November 8, 2015 between 12noon and 6pm at the Carnivore Ground sin Nairobi is aimed at raising funds for cancer treatment for Nation Media Group’s staff Janet Kanini Ikua.

In an effort to help the N-Soko Property Show host receive treatment, Nation Media Group is partnering with  Janet’s friends and colleagues from the Media Group, other media groups, Artists and Family to have her receive the treatment in India.

In April 2015, Janet, was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) that resulted in blood clots in her legs. The DVT led to further complications and Janet had to be urgently hospitalized a second time with blood clots in her heart and pulmonary artery. Even after this the DVT kept recurring and Janet decided to seek further intervention in India. In September, Janet, accompanied by her husband George Ikua, travelled to New Delhi, where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, which had spread from her lungs to her abdomen and lymph nodes.

The concert will be hosted by Churchill, and will feature performances by Kenyan artistes including: Sauti Sol, P-Unit, Elani, Willy Paul, Juliani, Jaguar, Daddy Owen, Hart the band, and many other artists.


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