Kinetic Worldwide Transforms All OOH Media into Interactive Media

Kinetic Worldwide, the global leader in reaching people on the move, has partnered with Endeavor Media to offer clients a brand new OOH opportunity: customizable interaction with all OOH inventory, both traditional and digital. This unique activation solution is achieved by tagging all creative with hidden codes, which are customized and dynamically managed according to the brand strategy via an innovative platform. No changes are required to campaign creative or to media sites. With this partnership, Kinetic is completely revolutionizing OOH’s place within the greater advertising ecosystem and transforming mobile activation into a new OOH standard.

Bringing together the best of both OOH and mobile, Kinetic’s new partnership allows for all future OOH campaigns to be interactive. By seamlessly linking out of home media inventory with mobile media and commerce, Kinetic will better enable brands to connect with and influence customer intentions at the right moment and in the right environment. Kinetic will offer stronger contextual campaigns, higher impact and engagement, better tracking of ROI, and enhanced ability to cultivate an ongoing relationship with consumers.

The platform employed is unique in its ability to take any OOH campaign, whether traditional or digital, and encode it to interact with a mobile device and enable the action desired by the brand. The tags can be updated throughout the campaign cycle to activate different pieces of content at different days and times, or in response to environmental triggers.

Consumers can be directed to m-commerce sites, obtain coupon notifications, receive carefully customized content, be prompted to take a survey, and more. Users can save content for review and access messages later without scanning again. The potential options are limitless.  Any offline encounter between audiences and an OOH media site can be converted into a mobile engagement, taking full advantage of context to cultivate the desired consumer action while tracking and measuring results.

“With our new initiative, we advance the ability of brands to make powerful connections with people on the move. At Kinetic we are continually evolving to ensure we deliver the most relevant connections with clear and measurable outcomes, and our partnership with Endeavour Media is a major step forward in that evolution.  We’re enabling OOH to be the backbone of communication strategies.” says Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO of Kinetic Worldwide.

“Our platform has a multi-pronged approach that can utilize all mobile tagging forms.  This enables brands to have complete flexibility and ease in how they engage audiences via OOH and mobile, and to select the most optimal methods for achieving their campaign goals. Wit Cee, any offline encounter can be converted into  a mobile engagement.” says Babak Monfared, CEO of Endeavor Media.  Endeavour is the only global provider of an activation solution utilizing eight forms of mobile tagging.

Kinetic and Endeavor’s partnership breaks new ground in both OOH and mobile media. Together, they are transforming interactivity for OOH media into a new industry standard.

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